Royal Spices Events and Catering Services

At Royal Spices, we know how important catering is to your event, so we cut no corners in delivering the highest quality cuisine and service. We take pride in our exceptional food, distinguished service and our customer-focused culinary team. We’ve created a step by step list of everything needed to produce a live event.

Royal Spices Academy

Royal Spices is a government approved academy dedicated to providing the highest level of culinary and hospitality instruction through world class programmes. We ensure that the techniques and culinary expertise are passed on to our students inline with modern technique.

Royal Spices Hotel Kitchen Support

We purchase the very best ingredients and then blend them with skill and imagination to create unusual, stylish and mouth watering menus that entice the senses and please your palate. Our team of chefs has a variety of skills and culinary experience, not to mention creative flair and flexibility when it comes to catering to every taste.

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